Pat Hall Belly Dance Staff
Michele Blount, a dance competition mom, started sewing for Pat Hall Costumes in 1992.  Michele’s sewing was a hobby.  Now she combines her sewing expertise with her knowledge of dance competition costumes.  She is an asset to me as well as a dear friend.

Michele has created costumes for the NFL Cheerleaders, NBA Basketball Dance Teams, uniforms for Panther tryouts, and Bobcat costumes.  NFL Texan’s was her biggest challenge for a half time show at Halloween.  Candy corn, silver bells, tootsie rolls, M&M’s were many of her characters.  Checkers also benefited from her talents.



Victoria Telesky, daughter of Michele, does a lot of intricate handwork and rhinestone designs.  Victoria dancing for 15 years and Dance Instructor for 3 years contributes to the needs of Pat Hall Costumes with her past experiences as a competition dancer.

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